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Knox Housing Assistance Program

Program Overview

What Is the Knox Housing Assistance Program?

The Knox Housing Assistance Program is a joint City of Knoxville/Knox County initiative aiding renters adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The program is open to income-qualified city and county renters where one or more individuals in the home have experienced one of the following adverse financial impacts due directly, or indirectly, to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Qualified for unemployment benefits or experienced a reduction in income
  2. Incurred significant costs
  3. Experienced other financial hardship

Who Can Apply?

For rental assistance, applications are required by both the tenant and the landlord. Once both applications are received, they will be matched within the system. A case manager will follow-up if additional information is required. Applications for utility assistance only do not require a landlord application.

What Expenses Are Covered Under the Program?

Rent and utility assistance are both available through the program. As a tenant you may apply for rent and utility assistance within the same application or you may apply for either type of assistance individually. As a landlord, you may apply for multiple tenants through a single application.

What if I’m a homeowner?

Homeowners are not eligible to apply under this program. If you are a homeowner and need assistance with utility payments, please email for a list of agencies that may be able to help.

Is There a Limit on the Amount of Assistance I Can Receive?

Renter households are eligible to receive assistance for up to 12 months of rent and utility assistance. Households at highest risk of experiencing housing instability, may be eligible for future rent payments based on the availability of funding.

Is There a Deadline to Apply?

Applications will be accepted until all funds have been reserved. Households at or below 50% of the adjusted median income for Knox County or those where one or more household members have been unemployed for the 90 days prior to the date of their application will receive priority funding.

Eligibility and Documentation

Am I Eligible for the Program?

The easiest way to determine your eligibility for the Knox Housing Assistance Program, is by clicking on the application link and answering the seven questions asked in the Eligibility Questionnaire.

Renter households within the city and county who have experienced adverse economic impacts because of the COVID-19 pandemic and have a household income at or below 80% of the area median income are eligible to apply for the program. Income-eligibility is determined by two factors – your household size and income. If your income is equal to or less than the amount listed in the column next to your household size, your household is eligible to apply for assistance.

For more information on how to calculate your household income, click here.

Household Size80% Area Median Income
1 Person$41,400
2 Person$47,300
3 Person$53,200
4 Person$59,100
5 Person$63,850
6 Person$68,600
7 Person$73,300
8 Person$78,050

What Documentation Do I Need?

For Tenants:
  1. Valid government issued photo ID
  2. Income documentation
  3. If applying based on unemployment status, documentation verifying unemployment
  4. If applying based on reduction in income, documentation verifying income has been reduced
  5. If applying based on significant costs incurred, documentation of those significant costs
  6. If applying based on experiencing a financial hardship, documentation of the financial hardship
  7. Copy of latest past due utility bill, if applicable
  8. Copy of notice of past due rent
For Landlords:
  1. Current rent or lease agreement signed by both the tenant and landlord
  2. Copy of latest notice of past due rent or rent ledger
  3. Copy of W-9

How Long Will It Take to Approve or Deny My Application?

We anticipate applications will take approximately 30 days to process. An application must be submitted by both the tenant and landlord before we can process the application, so please let your tenant or landlord know that you have applied. The CDC has issued an Eviction Protection Declaration through June 30, 2021. Click here for more information.

Housing Stability Programs

The City of Knoxville, Knox County, and local nonprofit agencies are working together to standup the Knox Housing Assistance Program. Additional housing stability services will be added to the program soon.